The YMT Group offers bespoke services that add value to your company and it's International business development

Our international business audit & development program
respects your company values and your strategic goals.
We create opportunities with our knowledge & network.


YMT Group is a UK based consulting company specialising in international business development services. Our international market experience has contributed to the success of several global and European companies in penetrating the MENA market.


We help clients achieve success with a highly tailored service, specialising in strategic partnerships using our extensive experience across various industries and sectors.


We understand the culture of doing business. We offer deep rooted knowledge of the local economy such as information about the local supply chains, government agencies and key players in the development of the country.

Even more importantly, our strength lies in our personal relationships with the leading stakeholders of various market sectors.


Our bespoke service provides support tailored to each clients needs and brings attention to the opportunities in the Market. With our expertise in business development, marketing, strategy, organisation, operations, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions and sales. We tailor our services to each client, both local and international.


Market penetration strategy to adapt a strategic plan on your target market

  • Characterized infiltration methods for the local market
  • Reducing the time to attain milestones within the internationalisation process, while minimizing the costs of gaining knowledge 


Thanks to the development of long-term relationships based on trust and professionalism, we were able to build a network of clients and suppliers.

We’re continuously working towards expanding our network both in countries and industries


Guiding & supporting clients through the process of pre-approval to local projects

  • Providing guidance and support to clients through the procedure of pre-approval for the local project vendor lists
  • Acquiring necessary documents for operations within specialised sectors in the market.
  • Continuing guidance and support throughout the tender process


With our trusted partners will set up your company in your desired country

  • Business set up at your locally situated office
  • New company implementations Support
  • Key stakeholders introduction
  • Selection of potential local partners in each country
  • Identifying local investors for the branching out in the local market, in an effort to offer services and goods for any manufacturing required
  • Investigate the provision of local sponsors who can effectively support companies with interests towards the projects

Procurement services
Our operations works within a number of fields and has a portfolio within different sectors and markets of manufacturers & suppliers 


Our Mergers and Acquisitions typically operate in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia and USA.

We are interested in various industry sectors such us engineering, construction, training, manufacturing, and many more.

We bring valuable experience in acquiring businesses and an understanding of interior business management and operational structures.


Private & public funding 

Our large networking allow us to find private & public funding all around the world. 



YOUSSEF MAHMOUD is a marketing and business development expert with over 15 years of commercial and business management experience. With Yousef’s lead the business has experienced much success and growth. Due to his extensive knowledge and diverse industry expertise in the Middle Eastern markets, Yousef has a proven track record of high professionalism, reliability and ethical value, which is an asset when handling business relations between prestigious middle eastern and international companies.

LEONARD TANNOR is a merger and acquisition expert alongside being a business turnaround specialist. With over 8 years of experience, he is very interested in helping businesses be able to structure themselves to operate efficiently and actually grow. Therefore creating a lot more value for the business and its stakeholders. With the changing landscape it is important to ensure that businesses are focused on the right things, as opposed to all the noise that will enable the business to grow.